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When I Am Afraid

In our world, there are a lot of things that can lead to worry, anxiety, and all-out fear. How can we keep our fears from taking over our lives? We will address that in this new 4-part series from Psalm 56.

Jon Laughinghouse - November 15, 2020

When I Am Afraid: The Fear Of Unfair

This is a worrisome time and many of us can be dealing with fear or anxiety. Today, let's step away from that fear and put our trust in the Lord.

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My Heart At The Holidays

There’ll be parties for hosting.  Marshmallows for toasting.  And caroling out in the snow.There’ll be scary ghost stories.  And tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.  And you probably know the next few lines by heart… It’s the most wonderful time of the...

The Shepherd’s Staff: W.I.F.E

“A happy wife is a happy life!” Many of you have heard that little catchphrase and most husbands would say, “AMEN!” to that. Well, I believe this following statement also warrants an “AMEN!” “A happy church is a happy life!” Let me explain myself. A happy wife is one...

The Shepherd’s Staff: Hope

God, YHWH, made a covenant with the church through the blood of Jesus Christ, which Jesus initiated at the Last Supper and ratified at the Cross. This new relationship was not revealed in the Old Testament, and it included gentiles, Greeks and Jews. All who trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are also called by His name. That covenant was also eternal, unconditional and unilateral. The loving and faithful God will never cancel either covenant.

Put It In God’s Hands

Belmont Family- The eyes of the nation are on the election today.  It will be talked about, argued about, wondered about, and worried about.  Many are looking past the election and speculating on how the next few weeks will go as the votes are counted and debated...

The Shepherd’s Staff: Sin – Flagrant or Unaware?

Our family enjoyed a week in a rental house in Frisco, North Carolina at the end of the Summer season. Thehouse was situated within walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean with sand dunes separating us from the water. It was an ideal location for the 8 adults and 12...

The Shepherd’s Staff: Joints and Ligaments

“Head bone connected to the neck bone, neck bone connected to the shoulder bone, shoulder bone connected to the back bone, back bone connected to the hip bone, hip bone connected to the thigh bone, thigh bone connected to the knee bone, knee bone connected to the shin...

Society Needs Truth

We are so blessed to know and worship the Creator God who has established the universe by the power of his Word. What he formed was right and good and true and was to his glory. Eventually though, we chose to believe a lie instead of the truth.  When mankind rebelled...

The Shepherd’s Staff: The Lamp Of The Body

I recently went for my annual eye examination at the Salem VA Medical Center. It was an extensive examination, first by an optometry intern and then an attending ophthalmologist. They had all kinds of diagnostic apparatus to allow them to not just look at the exterior...

King Of My Heart

Over the following 30 days, the nation will be focused on who will fill the highest office in the land.

The Shepherd’s Staff: Members of One Another

When a baby is born, parents marvel at God’s creative masterpiece. They wonder what this little baby will be like as he or she grows up. They have all kinds of aspirations for this remarkable gift that God has given them.