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The Future of the Church

Not only are we studying the book of Ephesians but we are also seeking the Lord and saying we will do ’Whatever It Takes’ this year to worship Jesus and stay effective for reaching future generations. We are seeking the Lord for what kind of changes we need to make as we move into the future. We are considering what kind of church we need to be, in an increasingly secular culture, as we pass the baton on to our kids and grandkids.
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Want A Deeper Dive?

Our current study in Ephesians is brief but, there is a sermon series that goes much deeper. Pastor Jon preached on Ephesians 1:4-6 four years ago, titled “Chosen By God The Father,” and it provides a deeper understanding of what we’re going through now. Make sure to check it out after watching the most recent sermon.

Jon Laughinghouse - August 23, 2020

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The Shepherd’s Staff: Granted

The word “granted” may be obvious in meaning but, it is packed with incomprehensible meaning in Paul’s usage.

The Shepherd’s Staff: Devoted

Is the future of the church defined by a building or its people? What can we glean from the New Testament about this?

The Shepherd’s Staff: My Rock

With all that is going on in the early days of 2021, we need to have our perspective directed in the right place.

The Shepherd’s Staff: Each Day is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

With a new year rapidly approaching us, I wanted to bring you some encouragement as you anticipate the unknown 365 days ahead

The Shepherd’s Staff: Light In The Darkness

A little child was born to insignificant parents, in an insignificant village in Israel and in an insignificant moment in the history of the Roman empire. BUT, that baby was the fulfilment of the prophecy made by Isaiah about 700 years prior to His birth

The Shepherd’s Staff: He Emptied Himself For You and For Me

In the midst of singing carols, decorating trees, exchanging gifts, feasting on pastries and roasted meats, and gathering together with other believers-in person or online-to worship the One Who was born 2 centuries ago, there is a deeper, and more profound aspect of...

The Shepherd’s Staff: The Blessed Hope

If you have ever received correspondence from me, I typically sign it with the term, “Maranatha!”. The term is found in 1 Corinthians 16:22

The Shepherd’s Staff: Love Letters

Why am I writing this to you? Because I want you to experience the presence of the living God, Who is like
no other god created by man.

2020 Advent Devotional

Advent is a special time to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into the world as Lord and Savior. This booklet is written by members of Belmont to encourage and help us as we celebrate this special time.

My Heart At The Holidays

There’ll be parties for hosting.  Marshmallows for toasting.  And caroling out in the snow.There’ll be scary ghost stories.  And tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.  And you probably know the next few lines by heart… It’s the most wonderful time of the...