Vision and Values


Helping people be who God created them to be.


Belmont’s vision is to see Southeast Roanoke renewed to become a spiritually and socially thriving community who shares the gospel to the nations because of the transforming power of Jesus.


Belmont’s mission is to help people grow to maturity in Christ by walking with them, step by step, through our intentional discipleship process and then to see them repeat the process with others.

Core Values


  • We are Jesus Centered.
  • We are Scripture Driven.
  • We are making disciples who make disciples.


  • God is our Father so we will embrace a family identity.
  • We are a diverse, multi-ethnic community.
  • We are a family of prayer.


  • We are Spirit-led disciplemakers
  • We make missional living a lifestyle.
  • We are serving our city and will go to the ends of the earth with the Good News.

Statement of Faith

We subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message as our doctrinal statement.