Day 1 | Wesley, Whittney, Wynston, and Wade Williams
Isaiah 11:1-5

A New Branch

As we enter this season of Advent, let’s ask ourselves, where is our greatest delight? Here in Isaiah 11, we read an awe-inspiring prophecy of the coming Messiah. The actual Spirit of the Lord is said to be upon Him; one full of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord. Given this, what would we expect His delight to be in? In Matthew 4: 1-11, we catch a glimpse of what Satan hoped it would be…the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, or maybe the lust of the eyes…all “worldly delights” that we find ourselves tempted to run after.

In stark contrast, Isaiah said that the Messiah’s delight would be in the fear of the Lord! We certainly observe this through Jesus’ coming from heaven to earth, dwelling among us, and dying for us on the cross, so that we can have the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life!

Christmas offers much to delight in: from time with family, giving and receiving gifts, beautiful decorations, and wonderful food and music! All of these are good gifts from the Lord, but they pale in comparison to the greatest gift: our Messiah, Jesus Christ! In step with the Holy Spirit, may we find our true delight in fearing the Lord this Christmas season!

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