Being a good neighbor is a lost art in our world today. What would it look like if people in our city took intentional steps to get to know & care for those right around them? How would it change our lives & our community for the better? Join us during this series to explore and apply what Jesus meant when he said, ‘Love Your Neighbor’ as yourselves! 

In the final week of our Love Your Neighbor series, Pastor Jon Laughinghouse preaches a message titled, “Helping Other Follow Jesus.”

Helping Others Follow Jesus

by Jon Laughinghouse | May 26

In Week 4 of our Love Your Neighbor series, guest Speaker, Josh Campbell, teaches from Colossians 2:6-7 in a message titled, “What Kind of Neighbor Am I?” 

What Kind of Neighbor Am I?

by Josh Campbell | May 19

Pastor Jon Laughinghouse teaches on Mother’s Day from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 in a message titled, “Love the Neighbor in My House.”

Love the Neighbor In My House

by Jon Laughinghouse | May 12

In week 2 of our Love Your Neighbor series, Pastor Jon Laughinghouse teaches Luke 10:25-37 in a message titled, “Who Is My Neighbor?”

Who Is My Neighbor?

by Jon Laughinghouse | May 5

Pastor Jon Laughinghouse kicks off our Love Your Neighbor series by teaching from Luke 10:25-37 in a message titled, “Go and Do Likewise.”

Go and Do Likewise

by Jon Laughinghouse | April 28