Tim Ward - February 13, 2022

Beatitudes: Part 2

The Beatitudes both build upon one another and come together to create a whole picture of what our lives look like when the Holy Spirit has ahold of our heart and we are living as a citizen of the Kingdom. This is the second lesson on the Beatitudes. Jesus knows that we will only be truly satisfied when we hunger and thirst for His righteousness. We also begin to understand His great love for us as we begin to have a heart of mercy and compassion for others, just as He has for us. Finally, when live in purity, seeking to fill our hearts with the things of Jesus rather than the things of the world, we begin to see God and ultimately spend eternity in His presence.

From Series: "Your Kingdom Come"

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Those were the first words that Jesus used when he began to preach. He went throughout Galilee, teaching and proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom. He said that the Kingdom of Heaven was for the poor in spirit, for the meek, for the pure in heart, and for the persecuted. He said that the self-righteous could never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He told us that the thing we should be seeking first and foremost in this life is the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. If we do that, he will take care of everything else. Let’s abandon our anxious pursuit of the treasures of this earthly kingdom and instead live as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

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