Day 5 | Pam Hamilton

Day 5 | Pam Hamilton
Isaiah 40: 3-8

“The word of our God shall stand for forever.” What an
incredible statement of truth and a promise to all
mankind. So much of life today is temporary … material
items don’t last, relationships don’t last , jobs do not last
and money is here one day and gone tomorrow. Even a
person’s life on earth has a time limit. To know that God’s
word will stand forever is such a blessing. In times of
uncertainty, we can claim God’s word forever. What a
comfort to us as we travel through life each day. This is truly
“ the glory of Jehovah ” prophesied so long ago.

Day 4 | Pam Hamilton

Day 4 | Pam Hamilton
Isaiah 61:1-3

This passage reminds us of the promises of
Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can bring us comfort in our
mourning. He can bind up the broken-hearted, also. What
a wonderful promise we can embrace What are you
mourning in your life today ? There are so many issues and
situations which can cause us to mourn and be
broken-hearted. Perhaps you are dealing with health
issues, financial issues, relationship issues or school or work
issues. These can all result in hearts that are broken. Through
Jesus Christ we can receive comfort and relief from our
brokenness. What a joy to know this and claim the
promises of Christ’s comfort. This promise is available to
all of us …. Claim it today !

Day 3 | Evelyn Olsen

Day 3 | Evelyn Olsen
Luke 1: 30-35

An amazing event was happening in Nazareth, to a young
virgin named Mary. Gabriel, the angel who stands in the
presence of God, is visiting her and is about to tell her some
breathtaking news. She was going to be the mother of the
Messiah; who was prophesied about! The Jewish people
were greatly anticipating the arrival of the Messiah. Jewish
historians claim that each Jewish woman in Mary’s day
prayed secretly that she might be chosen to become the
mother of the Messiah. Now, Mary is told that she is the
favored one!! This virginal conception was so miraculous!
We read about the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary, Jesus
being implanted in the womb of Mary, and Gabriel saying
that this child is The Son of God! May we always be in awe
of the birth of our Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sign of Immanuel

Day 2 | Rick & Sherri St. Pierre
Isaiah 7:10-17

The Sign of Immanuel

Even King Ahaz, a direct descendent of the house of David,
put his faith in the powers of the world to provide his
deliverance. God, speaking through Isaiah, provided him a
reminder, and a sign that God is the only one who can give
us salvation. The sign he provided was the birth of his Son,
through a virgin birth. His name would be Immanuel “God
with us.”
Like Ahaz, we too can rely on this world and the things we
think we control for our rescue. God reminds us that his sign
to all of us is the gift of His son Jesus and that our salvation
comes through Him alone. This Christmas season, we need
to get rid of the noise in this world and make time to focus
on God’s gift to all of us and the promise of salvation
through Him.
Have a blessed and joyful Christmas!

2020 Advent Devotional

2020 Advent Devotional

Belmont’s Advent Devotional Is Here!

Advent is a special time to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into the world as Lord and Savior. It is a time to prepare our hearts and remember the true meaning of Christmas. This booklet is written to encourage and help us as we celebrate this special time. Written by members of Belmont Baptist, each day’s devotional writing will help you to focus on the meaning of Christ’s birth and to better know the person of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. May you be blessed each day.

Download Your 2020 Advent Devotional Here

Christmas on the Farm

Make sure to join us for Christmas on the Farm! In December, we will be hosting our service at Glenburn Farms where there is a beautiful facility that will allow us to practice social distancing. In addition, there will be outdoor seating and we’ll be transmitting the audio over FM so you can even stay in your car during service. For more details check out our Christmas on the Farm page.