Day 21 | Allen Steele
Galatians 1: 3-5

The Greatest Christmas Gift

The blessings grace and peace came from God the Father
– who willed to give us his son; and from the Son – who
willingly gave himself for us. He gave himself from the
cradle to the cross.

He gave himself in heaven. He did not hoard the glory he
shared with the Father as something to be forcefully
defended. Rather, he humbled himself, taking on the form
of the lowly baby lying in a manger.

At Gethsemane he gave himself in obedience. He
steadfastly prayed, and chose, not his own will, but the
father’s… by this will, we are sanctified through the offering
of the body of Jesus Christ.

Jesus gave himself for our sin on the cross that he might
deliver us from this present evil world. Indeed, He has
accomplished His mission. The angels gave glory to God.
May that song – Christ’s willing, humble, sacrificial life –
resonate in us forever and ever.