Day 3 | Evelyn Olsen
Luke 1: 30-35

An amazing event was happening in Nazareth, to a young
virgin named Mary. Gabriel, the angel who stands in the
presence of God, is visiting her and is about to tell her some
breathtaking news. She was going to be the mother of the
Messiah; who was prophesied about! The Jewish people
were greatly anticipating the arrival of the Messiah. Jewish
historians claim that each Jewish woman in Mary’s day
prayed secretly that she might be chosen to become the
mother of the Messiah. Now, Mary is told that she is the
favored one!! This virginal conception was so miraculous!
We read about the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary, Jesus
being implanted in the womb of Mary, and Gabriel saying
that this child is The Son of God! May we always be in awe
of the birth of our Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.